Using next-generation augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, we develop new library of 3D models and software applications for chemical structure visualization. These new approaches to visualize and interact with chemical objects are useful for both teaching and research. For instance, they allow for user-friendly manipulation of specific conformations of molecules or the 3D visualization of complex protein-ligand interfaces.

(i) Based on technology used in video games to develop 3D models (Blender software - and methods used in eCommerce to bring physical presence of online shopping (Augment -, we are developing the largest collection of 3D models for all approved drugs. These models are uploaded onto the Augment platform for a augmented reality experience.

You can try out the technology as we propose a set of 20 trackers corresponding to 20 unique drugs. Just install the Augment App on your phone or tablet, download our trackers and scan them using Augment.

To develop your personal augmented reality compound, we have developed a software tool to generate 3D model from pdb or sdf files:

- The database of all approved drugs will be available soon.

(ii) We also develop more complex molecular objects for augmented reality, including protein-protein complexes, protein-ligand(s) complexes, and detailed binding sites.



- Our models are showcased  on the North Carolina University website -

(iii) Moreover, we are developing a new generation of visualization programs for Virtual Reality. 

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