Jeremy Leads Workshop on Treescaper

January 22, 2017


Jeremy recently organized and taught a workshop on TreeScaper, software that he helped develop, for the Society of Systematics Biologist Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  


TreeScaper provides a collection of visual and quantitative tools for exploring and characterizing sets of binary trees with an emphasis on phylogenetic trees.


These tools can be broadly categorized into three types:


1. Utilities for calculating basic information about topologies and bipartitions

2. Visualization of treespace in 2- or 3-dimensions through non-linear dimensionality reduction

3. Detection and delineation of distinct ‘communities’ within a tree network using a graph-theoretic approach known as community detection.


Though we have focused our tools on binary trees, they can analyze any data for which a distance matrix can be constructed. 


All workshop materials including multiple tutorials can be found here. You can also read the paper here.



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