Recent Publication: RealityConvert: A tool for preparing 3D models of biochemical structures for augmented and virtual reality

August 15, 2017



Motivation: There is a growing interest for the broad use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in the fields of bioinformatics and cheminformatics to visualize complex biological and chemical structures. AR and VR technologies allow for stunning and immersive experiences, offering untapped opportunities for both research and education purposes. However, preparing 3D models ready to use for AR and VR is time-consuming and requires a technical expertise that severely limits the development of new contents of potential interest for structural biologists, medicinal chemists, molecular modelers, and teachers.

Results: Herein we present the RealityConvert software tool and associated website, which allow users to easily convert molecular objects to high quality 3D models directly compatible for AR and VR applications. For chemical structures, in addition to the 3D model generation, RealityConvert also generates image trackers, useful to universally call and anchor that particular 3D model when used in AR applications. The ultimate goal of RealityConvert is to facilitate and boost the development and accessibility of AR and VR contents for bioinformatics and cheminformatics applications.


Borrel, A.; Fourches, D.; RealityConvert: A tool for preparing 3D models of biochemical structures for augmented and virtual reality Bioinformatics2017, 0-0.


The full text article can be found here.


RealityConvert can be found here.

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