Melaine Begins Her New Position at Servier (Paris, France)

September 15, 2017



Dr. Melaine Kuenemann has recently accepted a new position as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Servier. Servier is a leading pharmaceutical company founded in 1954 and headquarted in Suresnes, France. Currently, Servier has operating facilities in 148 countries, has recently launched a new oncology division, and is striving to create quality healthcare available to all. There is no doubt that Melaine will prove to be an indispensable Servier team member, just as she was to the Fourches Lab over the past year and a half. 


Melaine joined the Fourches Lab in January 2016 and since that time has worked on over 10 different research projects, presented at two National ACS meetings, published two articles (with four additional publications under review), and served as a mentor to all members of the lab. These numerous research projects were extremely diverse and covered all aspects of cheminformatics. Melaine's first publication in the lab helped develop new QSPR models to predict absorption properties of amine solutions for capturing carbon dioxide (DOI: 10.1002/minf.201600143).


When asked what her favorite research project was, Melaine responded, "My favorite thing about working in the Fourches Lab is the fact that I had multiple, really diverse projects. So, I didn't have one favorite project, when I was tired of one, I had the ability to switch." One of these projects that Melaine could switch to was a collaborative analysis of the Max Weaver Dye Library in collaboration with the US EPA and NCSU's College of Textiles. The Max Weaver Dye Library was donated by Eastman Chemical company to NCSU two years ago and contains over 98,000 dyes. Her work has been published in Chemical Science early 2017 (DOI: 10.1039/C7SC00567A).


Melaine fully embodied the collaborative nature of research as she also worked on joint projects with colleagues at NCSU's Bioinformatics Research Center and the Department of Toxicology. She provided excellent research assistance to graduate and undergraduate students alike in the Fourches Lab. Jeremy Ash, a bioinformatics PhD candidate in the Fourches Lab said, "Collaborations with Melaine were always enjoyable. She has a talent for finding ways to utilize everyone's skill sets. She worked hard to ensure that everyone in our lab was connected and working together. She will be missed." Melaine and Jeremy are currently working together to develop new cheminformatics techniques to analyze, visualize, and model metabolomics data that could help identify novel cancer metabolite biomarkers. They presented this work at the ACS in August 2017 and the corresponding paper will be submitted in the Fall of 2017.


The Fourches Lab will certainly miss Melaine's research prowess and mentorship, but is excited to watch her career progress at Servier.


Congratulations Melaine on your new position!


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